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PT Equnix Business Solutions

Is a trusted and customer-oriented IT Solutions Provider.

Financial Services, Telco, Retails, and Industrial are our main respected Enterprises Clients in giving Open Source based Solution and World Class software development quality.

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an Open Source and Open Mind Company

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Our Trilogy of Services



Premium Support Services, Expert local support is all you need for Implementing Open Source Software for your Mission Critical Production server 24/7. (PostgreSQL/Linux/others)



Great software comes from mature design, implemented well proven and best practice solution from the Expert Software Architect. Great design of software should accommodate enterprise class quality: Reliability, Availability, Scalability.



Our expertise, experience, comprehensive knowledge, sharp analytical thinking delivers solution and hit to the heart of root cause of problem.

To date, Equnix has more than 60 large middle-scale enterprise clients and managed to save the country's foreign exchange more than Rp 200 billion.

Enterprise Class Database Server

There are two type of Database System for Enterprise Class:

Proprietary and Open-Source Based Databases

Open Source Basis:

A software for which the original source code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified according to the requirement of the user. This software usually copyleft licensed. Types of usual copyleft licenses eg; GPL-like, BSD- like, MIT-like or Attribution.

Open source based Software is a software which created, developed and maintained by a community all around the world which formed as a project. It is maintained by core Developers, Committer, Reviewer, QC which is usually well organized.

Top 3

Open Source Basis Databases:

  1. PostgreSQL Open Source
  2. Fujitsu Enterprise Postgres
  3. PPAS - EnterpriseDB


Installation, Tuning / Optimization, Monitoring, Maintenance, and Managed Services

The History of PostgreSQL

INGRES, began as the academic research in UCB by Prof Michael STONEBRAKER, implementing Whitepaper from Edgar. F. Codd.
POSTGRES began development from 1986-1994, as continuation of INGRES with object relational technology. POSTGRES commercialize as ILLUSTRA, later become INFORMIX, and purchased by IBM 1 billion dollars.
Became Postgres95, because POSTQUEL replaced by SQL Languages
PostgreSQL as new career in Open Source. PostgreSQL has actively Maintained, Develops, QC by PostgreSQL Global Development Group consists Hackers, Academics, Professionals all around the World.

At Present, Many organizations, government agencies and companies use PostgreSQL. You will find installations in ADP, CISCO, NTT Data, NOAA, Research In Motion, The US Forestry Service and The American Chemical Society. Today, it's rare to find a large corporation or government agency which isn't using PostgreSQL in at least one department.

The Timeline of PostgreSQL

PostgreSQL Forks

For more than 22 years has been using by many vendors as a base to create another products, thanks to BSD-Like licensing.

Some Big Corporation interest in PostgreSQL:

  1. FUJITSU (Enterprise PostgreSQL)
  2. IBM (Netezza)
  3. Amazon (Redshift)
  4. Yahoo (Everest)
  5. Instagram (as their base system)

TPC-B Read Write Queries

Real-Time Backup

  • 1. Synchronous Streaming Replication

  • 2. Asynchronous Streaming Replication

  • 3. Point-In-Time Recovery (PITR)


Hot-Standby Replication

Only 10 Seconds to Failover

Replica promoted to Master when Real Master is down

Multi-Master Replication

Replication with Master on every nodes

Best for distributed data on different location with required integrated synchronization seamlessly.

Our Services

All Enterprise PostgreSQL Services from Equnix includes the support request service via
Email, Text, WhatsApp, Phone, Remote access or On site.
For support request meeting for a discussion or consultation, the client would first propose the meeting schedule and agenda.

Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance

  1. On-Site Standby Support by Appointment
    (Migration, Maintenance, Etc.)
  2. Scheduled Maintenance, every 3 month.

Corrective Maintenance (Unlimited)

  1. On-Phone Support
  2. On-Remote Support (if available)
  3. On-Site Support, lead time maximum 4 hours

Please Check Our SLA Plan for:

Maintenance/Managed Services

Managed Services

All of the services delivered in Maintenance Services, plus:

  1. System Monitoring (Performance, Alert, Slow queries, etc)
  2. Security Check and penetration prevention.
  3. Remote DBA
  4. Security Tuning, Server Tuning, Query Tuning, etc

Please Check Our SLA Plan for:

Maintenance/Managed Services

Equnix Training

Public and In-House

We also provide training on these subjects:

  1. High Performance Software Development
  2. PostgreSQL Basic
  3. PostgreSQL Advanced or Customized
  4. Linux Administration Basic
  5. Linux Administration Advanced

PostgreSQL Ecosystem

PostgreSQL World Conference in Ottawa

PostgreSQL Conference in Asia

PostgreSQL Training

PostgreSQL Community 1st Meetup

Equnix Campus Campaign

Who We Are

Julyanto Sutandang (CEO)

Computer geeks, antivirus developer (was), Science enthusiasts, an Open Source early adopter in Indonesia, C/C++ Developer, Full-stack Software Solution Architect. Believe in Open Source; Combining Open Source spirit and customer oriented business.

Run IT Solution business as an alternative solution for Enterprises in adopting Solution based on Open Source. That is a long time passion in my life, giving contribution to our society especially to our country and region. We are determined to develop independence IT solution to avoid vendor lock in and vendor dependencies.

  • Speaker in PgDAY 2016 Singapore
  • Speaker in PgDay/FOSSASIA 2017 Singapore;
  • Keynote Speaker in PgConf.ASIA Japan 2017
  • Lecture: Open Source Technopreneurship in Campuses.

Lucky Haryadi (CTO)

A full-stack Software Solution Architect and Developer. Proficient in Java/PHP/C/C++ also Linux Administration. Open Source enthusiast, loves PostgreSQL too much. Professional Open Source Solution Architect. Certified PostgreSQL Expert.

Bringing Open Source Solution to Indonesia, is bringing a new hope for enterprise business. To save Indonesia and grow our own resources is the total achievement.

  • Speaker in JPUG PgConf 2014 Japan;
  • PostgreSQL trainers for basic and advanced;
  • Lecture: Open Source Technopreneurship in Campuses.

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