Senior Software Engineer Recruitment

PT. Equnix Business Solution open recruitment for Senior Software Engineer. If you interested, please answer questions below and submit your answers to us.

1. Assume there are two variables:
X = 35
Y = 20
Provide pseudocode to swap these variables, without using any temporary variables (you cannot use more than X and Y)

2. Assume there’s a bomb which can be defused using a weighing scale. To defuse the bomb, you have to put exactly 4 Litres of water on 1 bottle. You only have 1 chance (there’s no way to pour water more than 1 time to the bottle). There are two water buckets, with capacity of 3 Litre the other is 5 Litre. Provide steps you have to made to get 4 Litre of water using these buckets.

3. There are 8 coins and a balancing weight scale. One of the coins have the heaviest weight, while the others have same weight. Provide steps to find the heaviest coin using the most efficient way.