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Equnix Business Solutions is a trusted and Customer-oriented IT Solution Provider. Our main focus is in Industrial and Enterprises Solutions, based on highly proven Open Source software and our World Class Quality Software Development. Enterprises need not only a software or system, but more to Solution for their day to day problems which always deal with high traffics, security and scalability. In giving solutions, we always open our mind to any requirements and fit them with latest technology, best practices and accurate solution. That is why our motto is:

" An Open Source and Open Mind Company "



Code Quality, Scalability, High Availability, Security, Simplicity, Performance, Operability. Our goal to deliver solution not just code. Applying best practice in software development, faster software maturity. We always consider Reliability, Availability, and Scalability from design up to implementation.


We manage, operate, and maintain the system for your mission critical production environment, helping to ensure your systems operate at peak efficiency 24/7/365. Our research in PostgreSQL and Linux OS has greatly saving many production level system, swithing to Linux / PostgreSQL rather than blood sucking and irresponsible propietary softwares.


Not all Developer is the same, there are always a room for improvement. With our Expertise and Experience in handling Mision Critical System, we analyze what is going on in the depth of the system and deliver efficiency and improvment for your great investment. We have proven portfolios resulted great cost saving while using the same hardware.

In giving solution, we have always open our mind to any requirement and fit that with our latest technology, best practices and accurate solution. That why our motto is: An Open Source and Open Mind Company.

Success Story of Equnix Business Solutions

PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk
Optimization System SMS Banking

Very good assesment and optimization. Very usefull for future development System SMS Banking Mandiri
--Ronny Arifudin (IT Bank Mandiri)

Bank Mandiri is ones of the largest bank in Indonesia who have earned the distinction of being a most trusted company in Indonesia for corporate governance for 5 consecutive years. Bank Mandiri continuously seeking mutually beneficial business opportunities that create synergies, building alliances, strengthening and supporting businesses with and through their principal subsidiaries, which are Bank Syariah Mandiri, Mandiri Sekuritas, Mandiri Tunas Finance, AXA Mandiri Financial Services, Bank Sinar Harapan Bali, and Mandiri AXA General Insurance.

Equnix come with solutions. We do "upgrade" on gateway SMS banking. Before upgrade, performance SMS electronic channel at rank 4 with 84,12% score according to MRI research at 2010. After assessment and upgrading process (changing modules related SMS Banking Application), increasing rank up to number 2 at 2011, scoring 97,13% or 13 percent of increment. Results are 1 million traffic without problem. The upgrade we have done, help Bank Mandiri achieve "Best Service Exellence 2012" Ranking number 1. In terms of traffic, SMS Banking Bank Mandiri is the biggest SMS Banking in Indonesia.

PT. Bank Danamon Indonesia Tbk. (Bank Danamon)
Maintenance Services PostgreSQL

Bank Danamon is one the largest banks in Indonesia, established since 1956 and now has 1.901 branches. Bank Danamon’s valuation reaches Rp 50 Trillion, and has been listed as an emitent in Bursa Efek Jakarta.

Bank Danamon chooses PostgreSQL database system to handle their Corporate Internet Banking application. With PostgreSQL delivered by Equnix, Bank Danamon obtains support services, cost-effectiveness and trusted data security. Bank Danamon is satisfied with Equnix’ services, which saves investment while answering the dynamics in banking demands. With only OPEX investment, Bank Danamon improves its competitive agility.

Bank BJB (Bank Jabar Banten)
Maintenance Services PostgreSQL

Bank BJB is a provincial government-owned (BUMD) belonging to Pemerintah Provinsi Jawa Barat dan Banten, established since 1961. Since 1992 Bank BJB status increased to a General bank, which extends its breadth of products and services.

Bank BJB chooses PostgreSQL to handle applications that support Electronic Banking. Equnix delivers PostgreSQL Maintenance Service for BJB, including installation, configuration, and preventive and corrective maintenance. Equnix serves Bank BJB since 2012. Equnix’s tuning improves BJB’s database server’s performance able to handle from 2.500 TPS up to 5.000 TPS. Now PostgreSQL handles multiple Bank BJB applications including Transaction Gateway, Web Teller, Pajak Daerah, Switching, and Sistem Monitoring.

PT. Transretail Indonesia (Carrefour Indonesia)
Migration, Clustering PostgreSQL nationwide, and High Performance OLTP

Carrefour Indonesia is one of Indonesia’s largest chain of modern retail stores. Since 2013 Carrefour Indonesia has been a busines entity wholly owned by an Indonesian corporation., CT Corp.

Carrefour Indonesia’s chain of retail stores needs a sophisticated transactional database system. With PostgreSQL delivered by Equnix, Carrefour Indonesia saves yearly cost for 100+ stores, 3500+ POS machines, 170.000+ item variants, with millions of daily transaction. Oracle replacement to PostgreSQL implementation in Carrefour Indonesia includes servers in stores to the Head Office to store transaction data in realtime online and standalone, through Multimaster Replication model and the result is price update from ho to store under 1 minute. With PostgreSQL, Carrefour Indonesia achieved optimal service with total support from Equnix, while maintaining low and effective investment.

PT EDI Indonesia (EDII)
Managed Services, Migration Services and In-House PostgreSQL Training

PT EDI Indonesia is a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero), established since 1995 as a pioneer in Electronic Data Interchange services. In Indonesia. EDII has more than 18 years of experience in giving various e-business solutions.

EDII migrated from the market leader database system to PostgreSQL, to improve performance and data integrity of their database system. EDII entrusts Equnix for PostgreSQL Managed Services, which includes database migration to PostgreSQL, and In-House Training. Initial benchmarking results from Equnix over EDII’s hardware spesifications achieved 14.000 TPS. This is a number which suffices for a database system daily operation. Equnix create smooth replication between OLTP and OLAP with automoted housekeeping.

ExxonMobil Cepu Limited (EMCL)
Maintenance Services PostgreSQL

Equnix is very competent in executing the implementation of this project. Exelent work.
--Suryadilaga (IT Divivsion Head Exxon Mobil)

As an industry leader in almost every aspect of the energy and petrochemical business, we operate facilities or market products in most of the world’s countries and explore for oil and natural gas in six continents.

ExxonMobil Indonesia is proud to be one of the government’s trusted partners in developing Indonesia’s oil and gas resources and contributing to the country’s economic prosperity for decades. Before getting solution from us, Exxonmobil has difficulty to deliver report on scheduled periodic time to SKK Migas. The challanges, Exxonmobil must deliver report in PostgreSQL database format which they have only Oracle database in their whole system and no experience PostgreSQL. What EQUNIX do is to make reporting data translation from Oracle database format into PostgresSQL database format.

PT Sumber Trijaya Lestari
PostgreSQL System Optimization

Well prepared and willing to cooperate before having any commitment at front. Very helpful and quick response to solve the problem.
--Musa Wilmar Maluegha (Head of Core Technology)

Alfacart.com is a breakthrough in the Indonesia retail industry, to meet demands people in Indonesia on practical and easy to shop. Providing diverse needs of individuals and families ranging from fashion, electronics, mobile phones, computers & laptops, household daily, kitchen appliances, hobby and lifestyle to health and beauty.

Starting with the name Alfaonline.com on February 18, 2013, developed by Alfamart as an alternative channel for shopping. April 2015 changed entities to PT Sumber Trijaya Lestari, a subsidiary of PT Sumber Alfaria Trijaya (Alfamart), and in May 2016 changed its name to Alfacart.com. Having trouble on database storage(up to 2 GB per minutes growth rate), leads the system becomes unstable. Based on past experience and best practice, Equnix give assessment and advice to quick fix long days problem in minutes stablizing PostgreSQL database.

PT. Sumber Alfaria Trijaya, Tbk
In-House Migration Training Oracle to PostgreSQL

Training provided until night → good
--Handojo Goenadi (IT BI GM)

Alfamart is a primarily franchised chain of convenience stores from Indonesia, with over 10,000 stores across Southeast Asia. Their business started in December 1989 as a trading and distribution company in Jakarta.

The industries that tend to be most on the edge of moving to PostgreSQL are the ones where they're either highly transactional, cost-sensitive, or both. Equnix give training to Alfamart to provide enough knowledge related to this migration, the "do and don't" in migration, exploit over the edge fiture PostgreSQL and also migration best practice (what should be done in pre-migration, migration, post-migration).

PT Finnet Indonesia
Maintenance Services PostgreSQL and SMS Gateway

At 2014, PT. Finnet Indonesia having 3 services, Bill Payment Aggregator, Electronic Payment Platfor and Online Payment Solution. To accomodate Finnect services, Equnix do PostgreSQL implementation replacing Oracle 10g as legacy database. This solution implementation on Mobile Cash (online mobile device for financial transaction). One of major consideration from Finnet for using our service is lower cost than Oracle and local support that Equnix provided.


Equnix has helped Businesses of all size, in every industry
We Deliver Enterprise Class Database Solutions

Equnix Business Solutions is a trusted and customer oriented IT Solutions Provider. We focus in providing the best Enterprise Solution for businesses. Our solutions are based on highly proven Open Source technologies and world class quality Software Development.

We are IBM Business Partner as Technology enabler in delivering IBM Power Solution. Through our Expertise and Services, Equnix delivers High Performance PostgreSQL on top of IBM PowerLinux and LinuxOne/z Machine.

Silver partners pgDay Asia. pgDay Asia is the PostgreSQL conference series for all PostgreSQL enthusiasts in the Asia Pacific region. pgDay Asia 2017, will be held on the aegis of FOSSASIA 2017.
Friday, March 17 (D-1), TKP Conference Center 137, Cecil St Singapore 069537 (3rd Floor Fuji room).
Saturday, March 18 (D-2), Singapore Science Centre, 15 Science Centre Rd, Singapore 609081.

Professional Solutions with Equnix
We Can Provide Solutions What You Need

PostgreSQL Database Server
Professional services that help maintain your database.

With our expertise and experiences on managing PostgreSQL, the world’s most advanced database system, our clients simply enjoy the advantages offered by PostgreSQL without necessity on installation, configuration or maintenance of the server itself. In fact, we also provide full support on PostgreSQL Tuning to optimize any single resource on the server available to serve our client’s needs. Optimizing database server usage is not only about maintaining the database server itself, but also to optimize the database usage. We also provide service to optimize the usage of database service from your application within, in form of optimizing the SQL query used by your application, and also if necessary, optimizing the table design of your database for the sake of application speed and database server optimization on top of PostgreSQL.

Feature Maintenance
  • Stable, Reliable and Scalable
  • Replication and High Availability
  • Multi-Master Replication
  • Point-in-Time Recovery
  • Horizontal Scalability
  • Vertical Scalability
  • Clustering
  • On-Site Standby Support by Appointment (migration, maintenance, etc.)
  • Scheduled Maintenance (every 3 months)
  • Consultative for Mission Critical Condition
  • On Web/Ticket or On Email Support
  • On-Phone Support
  • On-Remote Support
  • On-Site Support
  • SLA up to 99.95%

Managed Service Colocation

Your Website being hit under 12 Million times per day?
Spending more than IDR 50 Million monthly to have it all online?
You have more than 3 servers to maintain all of the websites?

If you answer any of those questions with a YES, you can have a better solution from Us. No need to invest in SysAdmin, NetAdmin, Security Consultant, etc. The beauty in all this is you can have it with most affordable price ever! Contact Us now at +62 21-228-66662

Services Include:
  • 24/7 Online Services
  • Monitoring and Reporting System
  • International Bandwidth
  • Manage Services Web / App
  • On Call and Site Services
  • Patching Anticipation
  • Manage Service Database
  • Customization

World Class Software Development

With Equnix, you get a partner who not only understands how to build high performance system and applications, but you also get a company whose developers are adopts at technology platforms and agile development practices. We provide state-of-the-art software development quality.

As part of our software development services, we genuinely strive to understand your needs; listening first and find solutions second, providing software solutions which support and maintain your future growth and success. Our approach enable us to align our software development services with your business processes and consistently produce software which fulfills your needs.

System Optimization

When your system under perform, you need our EXPERTISE

Growing demand are the most IT infrastructure challenge. Most of the IT system impolementation is under utilize, is very important to have great system to run the heavy workload. Equnix can help you maximize your IT infrastructure's resources by tuning systems to your particular industry's unique domain knowledge and specific workload characteristics. Your workloads can then run the way your organization needs them to. With systems designed for the distinct and unique requirements of your workloads from the physics of the processor to the functions of the application layer you can meet your organization's IT demands to deliver world class quality software. We provide a full range of consultation and support to help take the hassles out of your IT projects. Providing guidance and advice, we can support and guide your in-house staff when there is a need to obtain external and objective guidance, providing impartial advice in a number of technical and business areas.

Equnix provides our customers with focused offerings and practices in areas where we have a unique advantage to providing a solution for their business problems. Together with our partners, we provide an application to support and maintain your future growth and success.

  • PT Bank Mandiri Tbk.

    Deliver Mandiri to achieve Best Service Excellence MRI Rank No 1.
    Maximize Performance of Mandiri SMS Banking System, boosts traffic up to 100 TPS.

  • Bank BJB (Bank Jabar Banten)

    BJB Database system boosts from
    ~2000 TPS up to > 5000 TPS. *

  • PT Finnet Indonesia

    One of Finnet Core System increased
    150 times faster than before.

  • Groupon Disdus

    Serving more than
    11 million hits / day

  • First Media

    Streaming login system increased from
    ~40 TPS up to ~1000 TPS.

Equnix 365 days

Doing Research, Hacking PostgreSQL, Training and Having Fun.

Traning PostgreSQL Basic and Advance

Basic PostgreSQL Training(3 days/@8 hours) Advance PostgreSQL Training(5 days/@8 hours)
  1. Introduction to RDBMS
  2. RDBMS concept
  3. Architecture PostgreSQL
  4. Instalation, Configuration and Tuning PostgreSQL
  5. Basic Administration and Security
  6. Basic Backup and Recovery
  7. PostgreSQL Object (Data-type, Store Procedures, etc)
  8. PostgreSQL Query (PostgreSQL specific queries)
  9. Healthy Check
  1. PostgreSQL/RDBMS Architecture
  2. Hands-On: Installation and configuration for Advance
  3. Hands-On: PostgreSQL Performance Tuning
  4. Hands-On: Administration and Security for Advance
  5. Hands-On: Availability (Backup/Restore, Replication, HA, etc)
  6. PostgreSQL Object for Advance (Data-type, Store Procedures, etc)
  7. Hands-On: Query Tuning and Optimization
  8. Hands-On: Backup and Recovery
  9. Load Balancing and Multi-Master Replication **
  10. Database Optimization for BigData **
  11. Real Case Study and Brainstorming **

* Training locations, material and times are subject to change based on availability of facilities or other unforeseen circumstances. Please confirm back one week prior to the training to verify specific details.
**Optional training material

PostgreSQL’s High Performance in Action
Proofs in benchmark results

PostgreSQL has been tested and proven in many tests. Equnix’ internal benchmarks confirms thier results.

PostgreSQL vs Oracle Performance Comparison on Intel E5-2643 machine. PostgreSQL exceeds Oracle by 7 times!
PostgreSQL performance comparison on IBM Power8 Machine. Achieving 27K+ QPS on IBM Power8.

*The benchmarks were done in accordance to the world standard TPC-B and TPC-C transactional database standards. The standards were created and maintained by the Transaction Performance Processing Council, a non-profit corporation focused on developing data centric benchmark standards. (www.tpc.org)

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