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EQUNIX Business Solutions is a trusted and Customer-oriented IT Solution Provider. Our main focus is in Enterprises Solutions, based on Open Source. Enterprise needs a real solution for their problem in reliability, availability, and scalability. We are: An Open Source and Open Mind Company




Code Quality, Scalability, High Availability, Security, Simplicity, Performance, Operability. Our goal to deliver solution not just code. Applying best practice in software development, faster software maturity. We always consider Reliability, Availability, and Scalability from design up to implementation.



We manage, operate, and maintain the system for your mission critical production environment, helping to ensure your systems operate at peak efficiency 24/7/365. Our research in PostgreSQL and Linux OS has greatly saving many production level system, switching to Linux / PostgreSQL rather than blood sucking and irresponsible proprietary software.



Not all Developer is the same, there are always a room for improvement. With our Expertise and Experience in handling Mission Critical System, we analyze what is going on in the depth of the system and deliver efficiency and improvement for your great investment. We have proven portfolios resulted great cost saving while using the same hardware.

In giving solution, we have always open our mind to any requirement and fit that with our latest technology, best practices and accurate solution. That why our motto is: An Open Source and Open Mind Company.

PostgreSQL News


  PostgreSQL Release Announcement  

2018-02-08 Security Update Release

Update to all supported versions of PostgreSQL database system, including:
  •  10.2
  •  9.6.7
  •  9.5.11
  •  9.4.16
  •  9.3.21

>> Details <<

PostgreSQL is the DBMS of the Year 2017

PostgreSQL is the database management system that gained more popularity in our DB-Engines Ranking within the last year than any of the other 341 monitored systems.
We thus declare PostgreSQL as the DBMS of the Year 2017.

While in our last year's popularity ranking PostgreSQL already ran in on place 3, 2017 was an even better year for PostgreSQL. With a total gain of 55.81 scoring points (+17%) and improving its score in each of the single monthly rankings of 2017, it outperformed all other systems in 2017.

Equnix on the News

PostgreSQL Alternatif Kuat Solusi Manajemen Sistem Database.

Transformasi digital pada model bisnis saat ini telah mendorong inovasi manajemen database open source. Biaya menjadi faktor pertimbangan penting dalam menghadapi pesatnya ekspansi informasi dan data di lingkungan perusahaan. PostgreSQL sebagai Object Based Relational Database Management System (ORDMS) telah menjadi sebuah pilihan utama sistem database kelas perusahaan dan bahkan menjadi alternatif kuat dari solusi sistem database komersial berbayar.

Menurut laporan The State of Open Source RDBMS 2015 keluaran Gartner menyatakan, pasar OSDBMS bernilai US$562 juta dan tumbuh 32% dari tahun ke tahun sejak 2013. Gartner memprediksi bahwa lebih dari 70% aplikasi baru akan dikembangkan pada OSDBMS pada 2018. ...Read more

Keuntungan [Open Source] Adalah Kemandirian.

Di awal pengembangan software sejak 1950an, berbagi source code menjadi norma karena pengguna software adalah programer terlatih namun software jarang mampu memenuhi kebutuhan individu. Ini membantu modifikasi untuk perbaikan bug dan menambah fungsi. Perubahan terjadi sejak 1970an saat sistem operasi dan compiler bahasa program menjadi makin rumit, yang melahirkan para perusahaan software dan mendorong lisensi berbayar.

Di tengah merebaknya software berbayar, pada 1983 ilmuwan komputer Richard Stallman menggagas Proyek GNU untuk menciptakan sistem operasi lengkap dengan source code bebas guna, dan gerakan Free Software yang menekankan kebebasan dasar pengguna menggunakan, mempelajari, memodifikasi dan membagikan software. ...Read more

10 Years and still rolling on...

Develop our idealism to give alternative IT Solutions for Corporation/Enterprises based on Our Research and Open Source. We source our own Expertise and develops our own Experiences. Build our nation strength, in IT Industries.
Saves more than IDR 155 Billions and still counting...

Equnix 365 days

Doing Research, Hacking PostgreSQL, Training and Having Fun.

PostgreSQL’s High Performance in Action
Proofs in benchmark results

PostgreSQL has been tested and proven in many tests. Equnix’ internal benchmarks confirms thier results.

PostgreSQL vs Oracle Performance Comparison on Intel E5-2643 machine. PostgreSQL exceeds Oracle by 7 times!
PostgreSQL performance comparison on IBM Power8 Machine. Achieving 27K+ QPS on IBM Power8.

*The benchmarks were done in accordance to the world standard TPC-B and TPC-C transactional database standards. The standards were created and maintained by the Transaction Performance Processing Council, a non-profit corporation focused on developing data centric benchmark standards. (www.tpc.org)

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